Intelligent Manufacturing Rockets Business Growth

Intelligent manufacturing solutions are a smart way to make things work better and therefore help your business grow. Check out our guide on what they do.

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How important are Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions to the health of your company?

Take it from GE Chairman and CEO, Jeff Immelt. He says, “Industrial companies need to become digital to survive.”

“We must turn information into insights and insights into outcomes.”

But for today’s manufacturing professionals it can be difficult to access the benefits. Transitioning to Intelligent Manufacturing can be intimidating.

And even more so if you don’t fully understand the upside. 

But the truth is, leveraging data and an intelligent network is a necessity in today’s market. It’s the only way to remain competitive. 

Don’t worry, we will show you how it all comes together. Intelligent Manufacturing is incredibly practical. 

The solution connects every aspect of your business to manufacturing. You’ll be running more efficiently, in a dynamic and changing operation.

Intelligent Manufacturing uses data to drive efficiencies. We will show you how.

Here goes:

Using Data for Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Your company is already collecting data. Intelligent Manufacturing allows you to use that information to transform every aspect of your business. 

The tenets of big data are typically referred to as the 4 V’s:

• Volume
• Variety
• Veracity
• Velocity

For any manufacturing professional, these V’s should sound pretty appealing. Especially when you add in the 5th V of “Value.” 

Success in manufacturing comes down to these core principles. Intelligent manufacturing means leveraging all that data your company collects.  

When properly leveraged, data can integrate every aspect of your manufacturing process. 


Integrating data throughout your manufacturing operations will drive efficiency. You will be able to connect ROI in its most granular levels. 

Factoring in direct marketing expense per unit through shipping and quality control allows your organization to adjust processes immediately.

This direct access to information will also revolutionize how basic physical manufacturing tasks occur. Your robotics will adapt and evolve as well. 

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Manufacturing solutions that use robotics have been known to significantly reduce human resources burden and the cost of labor. But intelligent manufacturing solutions can move one step beyond.

Your robotics will be getting more intelligent as they operate. 

While the assessment and implementation of intelligent manufacturing can be difficult to design on your own, the benefits are undeniable. 

Finding the right expert advice and help will help you invest in value. 

We Can Help

Did you know that Thrive Managements Team is made up of experts in manufacturing process improvement and experts in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

We are leading the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector and setting the standards for the world’s most innovative, end-to-end “Smart Manufacturing” solutions. Based on the design, Thrive Management is at the forefront of innovation and among the pioneers of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

We deploy Internet of Things (IoT) technologies through unique applications in the industrial space. Our customized implementation translates IoT analytics and big data into the “smartest” manufacturing solutions.

Your competitors are already leveraging these tools and technology. In today’s competitive marketplace, you don’t want to get left behind.

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