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What is online Review management?

Good reviews are key to any business.  How many times to do you read the reviews before buying anything?  Especially picking a restaurant or a local mechanic.  

Reviews are KEY!  However not everyone will leave a review and some will leave bad reviews. And those that want to leave bad reviews, for the most part, just want a place to communicate about an upset.  

So, how do you capture the good review on all the platforms that matter to YOUR business and how to you get those that are really upset to communicate with YOU? 

Thrive has created a process to help you not only make it super simple for good reviews to be posted in all the correct places, we have also made it easy for the upset to talk to YOU, not a review board.  

What is the secret?

The secret is setting up the correct process.  You want ALL of your customers given the option of leaving a review.  We have the ability to automatically connect to ANY customer database, Point of Sale (POS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM).   

Once you have the connection in place, you need to build out a proper process that ensure all customers:

  • Have the option to leave you a review, good or bad. This needs to be initiated by YOU, not by them.
  • Once they get to the place to leave a review they then have 2 paths, 1 leave you a bad review or leave you a good review.
  • If they choose the “bad review” route, you DON’T want them going to Google, you want them messaging YOU!
  • If they choose “good”, you can then direct them to the sites of your choosing.

How can you be #1

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Why Respond to Reviews

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Manage your online reputation

We politely ask your customers for feedback, using custom emails and text (SMS) messages with your branding.

Manage your online reputation

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